POS221 – Arizona Constitution

Office of Governor George W. P. Hunt (Circa 1920) Photo taken at Arizona Capital Museum on March 3, 2011 

Today, I focused solely on this course.  I had no idea how much I did not know about Arizona!  I have lived here for 32 years and this course will be my enlightening period.  I see why it is important for all teachers to have the US and State Constitution on their teaching certificates.

Here is what I will know at the end of this course:

  1. the major geographic features and historical periods of AZ
  2. difference between the initiative and referendum processes
  3. the impeachment and recall processes
  4. structure of AZ’s legislative districts
  5. how a bill becomes a law
  6. the executive offices and their specific powers
  7. the courts in the AZ judicial system and the jurisdiction of each court
  8. the major components of county and municipal governments


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