I remember a time when given the option, I would choose to read a book over playing with a doll.  I was a little girl that recognized that books were an escape to a world that I could not yet physically visit.  Books provided information that allowed me to have great conversations with others as I grew and matured.  

My first bible was a set of several books like an encyclopedia.  The pictures and stories came alive for me.  My Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries, Archie Comic Strips, and first antique Webster’s dictionary (a gift), The Thornbirds, Flowers in the Attic, and Gone with the Wind – take me back to a time when I was devouring books on a regular basis.

I love reading.  In fact, it was always a dream of mine to have an in-home library.  There is something about seeing books on a shelf that makes me feel comforted.  Perhaps it is the wisdom contained on the pages that are within my reach that makes me feel good.

Once the Amazon Kindle came along, my dream library started to fade away.  I adjusted to the fact that now I can conveniently carry 100 plus books in my purse without breaking a sweat.  I have a much more intimate relationship with my mobile library.  I can touch the screen and stroke the pages that take me where I want to go as I read.  

I am seriously considering donating all of my hard/soft-back books to the “Friends of the Public Library” cause – all except collectibles or those autographed.  I love my books and it will be difficult to part from them, but I want to embrace the new era of eBooks.  This is a part of my effort to de-clutter my home.  Stay tuned…

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