EdA2Z2016 – Huh?! I didn’t see that in the study guide…!

Yesterday , I took my midterm exam at the college.  Initially I was in total panic mode because the amount of information and types of questions that could be on the exam seemed infinite.  Studying for it even increased my anxiety level for some reason!

The very first essay question threw me! I was staring at the screen in a paralyzed state thinking, “Huh?! I didn’t see that in the study guide…!”

Then, I thought about my students taking their AZ Merit and Galileo (State Standardized tests); and how tough it must be for them. In my empathetic mood, I took a deep breath, smiled, and resumed testing – because in that moment, I remembered why I was there – for them.  

After a few more questions, I went back and answered the first one that stumped me.

Decluttering my head: Letter H

7 Comments on “EdA2Z2016 – Huh?! I didn’t see that in the study guide…!

  1. I always found trying to study up for exams did more harm than good – it just made me aware of everything I needed to know. if I didn’t study, I didn’t stress. Obviously, my teachers weren’t too impressed with my theory, but all I passed all the exams, proving what works for one doesn’t work for everyone

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    • Right?!🙋🏾 I believe you are correct- inevitably the exam has more or less and you are left more confused than beforehand. That’s starting to be a pattern with me! Thanks Debbie!


  2. I am a crammer (always have been) and can study the day before and do well on an exam. It’s always worked out better for me because I found that if I study repetitively I tend to forget. My son on the other hand doesn’t test well and freezes up even after studying. He has a great memory, but I’ve noticed its more so for things that interest him. I struggle to help him improve in the area of testing with mock test and going over it a few times. He remembers in that moment, but the next time I have to refresh him to get him going in the right direction. Not sure of what other studying techniques I can use on a 10 Year old.

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    • One thing that works well is word association. Find ways to connect what he must remember with music or an icon he really likes. When you study use rhymes or music and repetition. That’s why still today I remember Schoolhouse Rock! Check out Flocabulary.com – keep me posted! 💝


  3. Thank you for the tips because I’ve struggled to help him with this. I will check out website and keep you posted!! 😊

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  4. I was pretty fortunate to have an ability to get through exams without much preparation or effort. I always made excellent grades, but never did as well as I might have if I had put forth my best effort. Getting by will get you by, but it doesn’t necessarily buy success later in life.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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