EDU270 – Lesson 8: Edu-Blogging

I have been blogging for a few years now personally, but decided to start this blog which has a dual purpose.  

First,  to share my assignments and experiences as a Rio Salado Teaching Intern expanding my knowledge of the theory and practice of education (pedagogy).  Second, to share my experiences in the classroom as a full-time reading teacher.

As my 3rd semester is coming to a close, I am reflecting upon the last 8 weeks and how my blog became an innovative outlet and way to keep me engaged.  I clearly identify with my students when it comes to requiring meaningful learning experiences. Blogging allows me to be hands-on and continually thinking about my next subject.  I can cast vision, keep my writing saw sharpened, educate, and uplift – all from my keyboard.

This semester I learned that our youth have ever changing brains (neuro-plasticity) and their sensory input, attention, emotions, and esteem are all impacted by the environment they are exposed to.  Their language, ability to read well, solve math equations, and relate musically all has to do with what they are exposed to and how they are treated along the way.  The adolescent (specifically male) brain can be impulsive and irrational if not supported in a safe and structured environment.  

I will continue to blog beyond my internship. 

 A future goal (once I am teaching writing) is to develop a classroom blog that my students can showcase their work and parents can read it online, or an online classroom newsletter solely produced by the students.  There are so many ways to incorporate technology in the classroom and I see blogging becoming more commonplace in the near future.

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