Day 1 – Spring Break is Over!

Wow! I am actually going to be teaching my students remotely.

If someone had told me this would be my new reality, I would NOT have considered it. Yet, thanks to COVID-19, we are now engaging in remote learning nationwide.

Thank goodness I was prepared. In fact, my students are already in Google Classrooms and now it will pay off. I also LOVE that all the teachers came together this morning to plan how we will support our students. The Administration is doing everything possible to provide meals and make sure our students have access and engage in learning during this “very different” time in our lives.

Note to students:

Google Classroom (phone application)

Dear Students,

While I miss your smiling faces, dunking on me at the door, and great drawings and notes you leave on my desk, I am VERY excited to be able to connect with you remotely during this different time.

You have all been in Google Classroom with me this year, so it comes in handy now. Please take the time to check in with me daily where you will find a video and instruction from me to help you continue your ELA learning.

You know you are ALL very important to me. I want you to look forward to growing and learning as much as possible so you can make this world a better place!

Talk to you soon,

Mama Lyons