Building The Airplane While Flying

COVID-19 has changed our world in so many ways. The biggest change of all for me is the separation from my day-to-day responsibility of teaching my 7th/8th grade students in-person. Yes, I am one of those educators who have been challenged to build an airplane in mid-air while flying. I read this phrase in a blog post by Thinking Maps. It immediately resonated with me!

Building the airplane while flying is exactly what it has felt like for the last few weeks. I’m up in the air, trying not to panic. I miss my students. I only see a few of them. When we left for Spring Break in mid-March, I did not realize it would be my last time physically seeing some of my 8th grade students who will be promoting to high school.

In terms of this post’s title, I am convinced my teaching skills have improved exponentially. I have been stretched to teach in a remote learning environment. Google Classroom is my new best friend. Thinking Maps online is definitely a must. All I want to do is Zoom with my students in the classroom. Kahoot, Classcraft, and Quizizz bring levity and create a bit of FUN while enhancing engagement.

Social distancing due to this global pandemic seems to bring out the best in me as a teacher, entreprenuer and family member. I’m much more aware of and appreciative of everything and everybody in my space. I keep thinking about all of the wonderful things I will be able to do when I return to the classroom. Right now, I’m good with building while flying – more like, grateful to be soaring to higher heights.