Middle School Language Arts


A Winter’s Tale (or What Would Shakespeare Do?) A Modern Tragicomedy

Look beyond the humor and see the conditions in which dedicated educators met and often exceeded.

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EDU270 -Lesson 1: Brain Architecture, Plasticity, and the Impact of Environment on a Child

After watching the videos: Brain Plasticity and Imaging/Development on the website: Changing Brains: Effects of Experience on Human Brain Development, I realized there is a lot more to teaching than standing in the front of the room and sharing lesson…

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  My least favorite phrase (especially while teaching) is, “I’m bored.” Why?  Because it is a red flag that as a teacher, I am not doing what I should be.  There shouldn’t be a dull moment.  Engagement is the name…

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Fall Break 2015

Out for a whole week on a Fall break from teaching school.  The timing is perfect!  I have a number of projects to focus on.  This blog is a BIG priority! My goal is to blog as I work through…

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Why p3 Education?

My mission is to educate, motivate and support my students reading growth (vocabulary and comprehension skills) significantly by the end of the school year

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