Teen Conflict Resolution Workshop

Davina – You are a remarkable instructor. Your class on Conflict Resolution and Micro-Aggressions came at just the right time. The girls needed what you shared. They were so engaged and talked about it for quite some time after. We even saw a difference in the behavior of a couple of the more aggressive girls.  Thank you so much. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Fatimah Halim
Blueprint for Womanhood
Life Paradigms, Inc.

Thank you, Davina, for speaking on conflict resolution at the Chandler T.R.A.C. teen girls event on June 14, 2018.  You were totally relatable in sharing your testimony of having a mask on growing up which allowed these girls to respond in a warm, receptive and truly engaging way throughout your presentation.  You made it easy for the girls to understand with the acronym S.T.R.I.F.E.  on how to deal with the tough issues they have going on in their lives.  The team exercise that the girls participated in really brought it home for them and helped them to gain a true understanding of what conflict resolution should look like in their lives.
Nancy Glassgow
Camp Volunteer
Founder, No Fear LIFE

I have been the Behavioral Specialist for Teen Reach Adventure Camp Chandler for many years. We always hope to have a guest speaker that will captivate, attention-wise, along with providing impactful information to our teens in the Foster Care System. This year we struck gold with Davina Lyons! I personally know Davina, on a professional level, where I’ve observed her heart, passion, and excellence in being involved in the lives of teens. Through my observations, I asked Davina if she would be a guest speaker at our girls camp in 2018.
Davina did an exceptional talk on Conflict Resolution using S.T.R.I.F.E. as an acronym to aid in placing concepts into the teenage girl’s minds, in order to apply this teaching to their personal lives. When asking for groups of girls to role play astonishingly 100% participation was given, usually not the result amongst middle school aged girls, especially on the first night of camp and not yet knowing one another. My observation was this being a result of Davina’s communication style and natural connection to our girls at camp.
At our staff debrief I made a statement of how well behavior was amongst this year’s set of girls, another staff member asked the group if they felt it was due to Davina’s presentation the first night at camp. Several staff members acknowledged it may well have been. I also personally had a couple of staff members tell me how Davina’s talk helped them personally. Our staff will definitely be asking Davina to join us in the future! What a great way to start off camp……Thank You, Davina Lyons!!
Becky Luccitti
Behavioral Specialist
T.R.A.C. Chandler

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